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My-Online-Desk is a London-based personalised reception and virtual administration service where an experienced and professional team will take care of the small, but essential tasks you simply do not have time to do. Whether you are a sole trader, or a busy professional- from maintaining your website, simple tasks such as writing letters, to receiving or responding to phone calls, we have got it all covered.

As experienced business owners, we have *experience, understand and know* the Virtual Assistant business environment.

At My-Online-Desk, we aim to

1. solve a distinctive problem for our client

2. solve a common problem but solve it in a special way, or

3. solve a common problem in a common way but specialise in a particular audience.

If you are a sole trader, we are in a position to provide an integrated support package to grow your business and get more clients.

We care profoundly about our customers and we will always take any responsibility seriously... and personally.